What is a Hero?

After watching this youtube video Boatlift I started to think about heroes and  memories of September 11, 2001.   For our family it was just a normal day, husband at work,  kids went to school and I was at home on the computer had the television on behind me. Then the news came on I  just sat there watching in fear not really understanding what was going on. Planes crashing into the World Trade Centers and then crumbling down to nothing but ruble. The need to get my boys from school was overwhelming, I just wanted them to be w home with me.  At the time Michael was 13 years old  and Troy was 7 years old.  Troy was probably yea I get to go home and play. Michael had a bewildered look like why are you here. Mother's do not come and get their kids from school just because they feel like it especially before lunch.

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