Become a Monthly Donor

With a minimum gift of $10 charged monthly to your credit card for as long as you like, you will help to provide a reliable, consistent source of funding that is easy for you and helps us help the veterans.  You may do this online by clicking here. Your card will be charged on the 15th of each month after your initial gift.

One time Donation

You can make a minimum $10 one time donation to help us with our current projects that we are working on to get funded.  Every dollar counts so we appreciate your support.

Matching Gifts

Many employers offer matching gifts to your charitable donation—often dollar for dollar! Make your gift to the Butterfly Circle of friends  and ask your Benefits Manager if your gift qualifies to learn how you can leverage your gift to work even harder for the Butterfly Circle of Friends.

For convenience you can make your donation online or mail a check to 

Butterfly Circle of Friends P.O. Box 187 Spotswood, NJ 08884-0187